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Originally Posted by Sawen View Post
My tank is thriving and it has been thriving for some time now. But I am not naive as to think this has anything to do with this product. It is very hard to conclude anything as I have been doing lots of things right and have 20 years experience in keeping reef tanks.

So why do I keep using this product? In the last year ,snails have begun reproducing like crazy, pod population has exploded, asterina star fish population has exploded and I have witnessed a feeding response from the corals after introducing the mud. Maybe only the feeding response has anything to do with the mud. Who knows?

The mud probably introduces some minerals and some good bacterias to my tank. I suspect the mud might contain some high levels of iron as well.

All hypothesis. I have no science to back it up.

My tank is now 10 years old.
AF says "AF Life source was created to feed microorganisms" so I guess you would say it works.

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