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Originally Posted by jda View Post
I have treated using Sentinel and Interceptor for red bugs. They did not kill any of my "good" snails. I am looking forward to seeing if this works on these particular snails since I have a few nasty verms here and there.

What dosage did you use? And what versions? Regular interceptor and sentinel? Or the spectrum versions? That info will help me run a trial.

My next move is to do a little research and see what the highest safe dosage people have used and see how that compares to what I've tried already. If I can increase to a dose that will still be safe for a tank I will try that. The alternative is to do a super dose and see if this stuff will do anything at all then try to evaluate how safe it is before coming up with a dosing strategy for my tank

The other thing I might be missing is I'm running a sponge in the a.c. filter. Ive noticed my sentinel solution has some solids to it and in wondering if the Verms need to ingest it directly. My gut says the solids are fillers and not active ingredients, but its a possibility.

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