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Sorry for the long delay folks. I went on vacation, had to travel a week for work, and have had some other home projects going on.

So here's the update... I really was hoping something less potent was going to work on these suckers, so that's what I tested first. But I was pretty confident that fendbendazole would work. Well, I was wrong, at least at the dosage I tried. As I have said a few times, my main source for this chemical working is a thread on another forum called "Here it is! Fendbendazole use against hydroids". The OP used a product called safeguard 4, which has the active ingredient, fendbendazole. The catch is, there are granules in the packet and there is powder. The granules are the fenbendazole. So he painstakingly separated out the granules, crushed them up, and dosed it that way. Later in the thread, someone found a new source of fendbendazole, a pure packet on amazon that can be dosed as is. The product is called fish bendazole. I purchased that product in hopes of trying it, but later in that thread, and on RC, users stated that it was not affecting the vermetids. So I came to the conclusion that it was another chemical in the safeguard 4 that was actually killing them. So based on this theory, I decided I would use the safeguard.

I went through the process of separating the granules, and placed them in 100 ml of RODI water. I then put it through the blender to thoroughly crush and disperse the granules. Now lets talk about dosage for a second... In the original account, the OP of the "other" thread said they used 1-4 gram packet (separated) to treat 125 gallons of water. But later, they stated that they used pure fendbendazole at 250 mg for 175 gal and was recommending a dose of 1.5 mg/gal. The safeguard 4 packets say they are 22.2% fendbendazole. So if the granules are the fenbendazole, then 22.2% of 4 grams is 888mg. For 125 gallons, this is 7.1 mg/gal. They argue this in the other thread, but never come to a consensus.

Anyways, I dosed the approx. 1.5 mg per gallon in my ten gallon test tank and waited 48 hours. Guess What!! nothing... So dosed another 2 doses. So if you are doing the math with me, that's 4.5 mg per gallon or 3x the "recommended" (?) dose. In 48 hours, guess what now?? Yep, good job, nothing! Those little b-words (the longer one) still poke their little indignant heads out of their annoying little shells.

Now I have ordered a couple more fish for my display, and im trying a clam for the first time, so I need my qt tank back to set up for the clam to sit in to make sure he's not carrying any ich cysts. I think before I throw this rock back in the tank in exasperation, Ill put it in a bucket with a powerhead and try 8 mg/gallon of fenbendazole, heck maybe 10 just because I can...

Ill check back in, but if that doesn't work, then this is "To be continued at a later date". Please keep the discussion going if someone else finds this thread and thinks they have something that is worth testing.

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