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Pests prevention

Hy Kimberly,

I would like to congratulate to the great job you guys do in this beautyful aquarium. On day I will come and visit it, thats for sure.

I would like to ask one question, I am thinking of due to my personal experience in my own system with around 1500 gal.
I am presently fighting with lots of asterinas especially the dark ones, which like to eat many kinds of coral, preferably the seriatoporas and pocciloporas.
Because I am thinking about realisation of a very big system myself I am very concerned about all kind of pests and how to prevent or fight it. I dont know any kind of natural fighting measures against the asterinas, except the harlekin shrimp.
What are you doing in a huge system like the one in the Georgia Aquarium to prevent pests like this?

Thanks for your reply.

Best regards from Germany


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