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Macro Shots


How can you asses which camera to buy if you are looking to take macro shots? Most of us in the hobby take a very high percentage of macro shots, and most of the shots usually dont come out right (even if we use a tripod).

How would you pick the right camera with the right macro capabilities? There are so many cameras out there with so many zoom features but not all of them can take great macro shots. e.i. I have an old Olympus C3030 and a newer Olympus C-750 Z. When it comes to macro shots or closeups, the C-3030 is by far a much better camera than the C-750. What is the difference? The C-3030 has only a 3x optical zoom and 2x digital while the C-750 has a 10x optical and 3x digital. You would think the newer camera with greater zoom capabilities would give you better closeups from different ranges.

Another question is once you purchased the camera, how do you know what lenses to purchase to get good macro shots? Purchasing a brand new camera is not a real option so if possible, I would love to purchase a lense that would allow me to get real nice closeups of my corals regardless of where they are, front/back of the tank. Right now, I have some lenses that let me get very close to the coral but I have to be within a few inches of the coral. If I want to take shots of the corals in the back wall or even middle of the tank, I cannot use the lense as all I see is a big blurr.

Sorry for the many questions and the long post but I have always wondered about macro shots. What can I do or buy that would give me a kick *** macro shot??




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