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water parameters

Dear sir, as a new person to marine aquariums ,I have been reading as much as I can on the subject, and as a result have purchased two of your books , which advocate 35ppt salinity, and an average temperature of 82F. If I'm reading correctly. my problem is that here in the U.K. no fish store that I have visited keeps their fish or inverts at these values, the ones that I've visited so far have all bar one kept their stock at 1.022sg and 25C and seem incredulous when I tell them about what you recommend even though they all stock your book for sale! One gave the reason that his importer kept their stok at these values and they saw no reason to stress the livestock anymore. My problem is, having found that no shop over here stocks at the recommended values should I strive to keep your parameters or stick with what the creatures have got used to at the lfs? ( I'm in the process of building a 100l reef with sump. It's going all very slowly and carefully.)

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