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Moving and need to sell off my tank and equipment

Hey all,
I am stationed here in Quantico and as you know it's moving season. We have been fortunate enough to be here for the last 3 years and now its time to go. Unfortunately, I need to sell off my Red Season Reefer 250 and equipment listed below. If you know anyone that wants to get into reefing please pass on the word. Local pick up (Northern VA) is probably the best option. I had not anticipated orders as we were considering retiring and staying in the local area, however, the wife didn't want to pass up going back to Cali one more time. So the tank was only set up since Nov of 2016 the equipment is between 4 and 6 months old and in great condition. Most of the equipment is heavily discounted in hopes to get it moving.

Reef Octopus Classic Skimmer 152-S ($150)
Smart ATO Mico ($60)
Eco Tech Battery Back-up ($100)
H2 Magnifying Glass Explorer ($30)
EcoTech Reef Link ($50)
Neptune WXM ($60)
Trigger System Emerald 5 gal ATO Acrylic ($60)
Piranha Float Plus (Cleaning Magnet) ($25)
Cobalt MJ1200 Pump ($15)
Finnex Titanium 500W Heater ($25)
Neptune Apex 2016 Controller ($550)
EcoTech - (2) XR15 tank mounting arms ($45 each)
EcoTech - (2) XR15W G4 Pro LED lights ($250 each)
EcoTech - Vectra M1 Pump ($200)
EcoTech - VorTech MP10 ($135)
RedSea Reefer 250 with stand (best offer)

Semper Fi

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