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Lightbulb Our tank's biology up close

Forgot to make this thread here. Pulling these pictures out of my tank journal.

A few weeks ago my microscope broke. It wasn't as old as PaulB's relic (I think he calls it an antique) but it was several decades old. So, I was then overwhelmed and excited with all the new options out there today and got a trinocular microscope with a 5MP camera. 40-2500x. Much stronger then I was using before.

I love looking at this stuff and now I can easily take pictures and videos of it all. Figured I'd share and maybe someone else might enjoy.

This is the microscope and kit I got. My kids had fun with the kit and prepared slides.

Cyano and some of the creatures living in it.

Sample was maybe around 1mm


Can see the blurry swirls of the bigger creature I got images of in the next post.

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