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Hey Than, long time no see

Are you talking about "Dynamic Aquaria, Building Living Ecosystems" Walter H Adey and Karen Loveland. The Smithsonian Inst publication?

If so, I'm looking at it. You think I made all this stuff up by myself????

I got a lotta books. Bad habit I got into at school. I still have all of my biology,chem,math,and EE books (just a couple credits short of my Bio degree, switched to engineering Sr yr, went for da money, I should go back for a masters in bio and be a real lettered heavyweight)

Here is another great book for all you rookie chemists out there:
"Chemical Technician's Ready Reference Handbook"Shugar SHugar et al. If you haven't had your several years of inorganic and organic chem lab under your belt,get this book too.

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