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dendro, why did you stop using an ATS?
My setup isn't perfect for the every day operation of an ATS. The unit itself is right now on the shelf. Several months ago, I hooked it up, and some component of it (probably a sponge) leached "something" into my tank, and I lost all my fish that day. It sucked. I decided to put it on the shelf for the time being until I could figure out excatly what went wrong. I do plan on reinstalling the ATS in a little while, but again, the setup isn't what I had in mind originally when I purchased everything. Ideally, this would all be in an in-wall type setup, so everything is easily accessable. If I were to hook up the scrubber, it would be a little difficult to get the lights off to regularly clean it. Minor convenience related things, not anything performance wise.

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