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Dendro: What sponge did you use? You didn't happen to use one of those from the kitchen section of Lowes/Walmart did you? They're impregnated with some sort of soap/cleaner from what I've seen on the label.

Doug/Mark/etc: I'm heading to Lowes this week to pick up some 1/4" acrylic to build this ATS as a concept idea to get away from the dump bucket problems (having to add/remove weight when the screen gets full of algae, etc). I'm buying the el-cheapo acrylic as I don't want to spend the big $$ yet on black acrylic for the body. I'm going to base the screen dimensions on Adey's recommendation of 1 in^2 / gallon of tank water. Initially, I'll probably light it with either a LOA 65 watt PC or a couple of NO's that I have laying around. Heh, the AquariCare unit is only lit w/ 2 NO's.


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