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If you have the LSM, then you are pretty much there. I originally purchased the LSM with 4 LEDs. Upon hooking it all up, 4 LEDs were WAY TOO MUCH for a 180 tall (36 inches deep). You could get up in the middle of the night and find the fish swimming around like it was daytime except during the New Moon cycle. I then decided to build a little project box that facilitated adding or removing LEDs replacing non-existent LEDs with jumpers. I found 2 were pretty good, then I just couldn't stand the color. I now have a 450 running my tank's lighting with a Coralux. This tank is 8' long and 36" deep. I now use 4 LEDs driven by the Coralux on my DIY LED fixture utilizing the moonlight cycle. I also went to using the cool white LED's and for me they're perfect. I believe the barrel on the connector for the LSM LEDs is a 2.1mm. Easily purchased super cheap on the E Bay. I absolutely love the Neptune Apex and the LSM is very good as well, just be aware of how much light those little buggers put out. The ones I previously linked are 100% compatible. They just need to be wired in series according image I've attached and you need at least 2 from what the guys at Neptune told me.

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