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Re: Unintentional live feeding

Originally posted by jjp2121
I have a 125 with a medium lime wrasse, small Huma, medium blue angel, blennys, goby, small parrot and a clown. My wife wanted some fish to school together in the tank. The LFS sold us 4 green damsels and said they would be fine. They were fairly small in size, but not smaller than the Blennys.

I looked in the tank a few minutes after release and only saw 3. 15 minutes later I was down to 1. Now there are no damsels to be seen. I don't think damsels hide??

Who is the culprit? Does this mean that I cannot add any more small fish to the tank or are the damsels just helpless? Is the culprit going to start picking off other critters?
Id say it was the Huma Huma or the Wrasse that got them. Maybe even the parrot. Id say youd have to go with something larger like an Anthias.

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