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I've had my juvenile Zebra Lion for just over a week now. She won't eat. I've tried krill (which I heard can cause lockjaw after the fact), mysis, blood worms, brine shrimp, oyster & silversides, including whole, half, & just the heads rolled in garlic. Tonight I even tried a Golden Barb (FW fish that swims near the bottom of the tank.)

The 1st night it seemed to go after 1 piece of mysis, which I know is nowhere near enough to fill her up.

She started moving around & acted like she was stalking when I tried the oyster, but she was stalking a different part of the tank.

Tonight I added the Barb & it swam right at the bottom in the current of the powerhead just below where the lion was perched. The lion swam off, came back, then went away again. I filled a 5g bucket with SW from the tank, added the lion, then added the FW fish again. It paid NO interest to it. Again it seemed to stalk/attack but it was towards open water.

I'm going to say the body is about .5-.75" wide & the head is about twice as wide.

I'm waiting for the ghost shrimp to come in so I can try those. I know a week isn't very long, but I don't know when the fish last ate & I don't want it to starve.

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