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I have the opportunity to get a custom made tank for basically any size I want (within reason) and have been in love with horn sharks for about a decade but have never had a tank to house one for its entire life. I have been bouncing detentions around and am leaning towards 96"X32"X24" or 100"X32"X24". It will be a mixed reef with nothing to crazy on fish or coral.
Cali Horns in a mixed reef setting - NO. Not a good idea. Such a set to harm the Horn or damage the reef.

Cali Horns should be in a tank with live rock (namely a place to hide). Also they really do best in water temps of 65-72 F.

An 96" x 48" x 24" would be okay for a Horn or two until it reachs 24-25 inches in length. For an averaged sized adult (about 3 feet) - I would suggest a pool about 8 feet in diameter. For a large adult (up to 4 feet) - it's better to go with a pool which would be at least 10 feet in diameter.

Bigger is better, especially when it comes to shark tanks.
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