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Originally Posted by SDguy View Post
Nice system! So happy to see another butterfly aficionado setting up a tank Don't forget the battery backup for one of the Vortechs
Thanks Peter, if i'm honest, your FOWLR has been my inspiration for a lot of this.

I plan to do battery back ups first, but I also want a generator that I can power the tank with. My neighborhood is older and has all the power lines above ground, well within striking range of a lot of trees. In the seven years that I have lived here, we have had three extended power outages lasting more than 4 days, one lasting as long as 10.

I'll do a longer post with planned and current live stock this afternoon.


Current Tank Info:
50 Breeder Quarantine Tank, 240 Miracles Finally up and running, 29 Biocube - AI Nano
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