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10 gal aio diy nano office tank

Here is my 10 gal AIO. Tank was a Petco 10 gallon tank, all of the plastic was removed and all corners were sealed with silicon. Filter box was made to size and sealed and put in before water was added. Copepods live in between the glass and the filter box.

First few pictures were taken about 1 month after it was cycled. Last pictures were taken this morning.

Tank has been running since end of 2018.

1 storm clown 1 six line wrasse

-Screen lid was made out of parts from Lowes.

-Aqueon 50w heater

-Small NANO return pump from Amazon.

-Media is carbon in the bottom with bio balls and filter floss in a DIY media tray.

-Radion gen 2 XR30 on SPS AB+ 25% from 7:30AM to 5:15PM everyday.


-Zoas all different species best is my JF rainbow incinerators




-2 JB mushrooms

-Red plating monti

-Purple plating monti

-JF green and red grafted monti



-Florida Ricordia


-Meat coral


-Mystic sunset

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