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The "heds on" point that he brought up is often very important if not key to success in switching over from live foods.
Many to most predatory animals that consume their prey whole do so head first and for some very important reasons.
If a fish is swallowed tail first, then the spines iin the fins come up and stick into the mouth and palate, where if swallowed head first the fins fold neatly and it's a smooth process.
Additionally, most prey can't go backwards, thus predators position themsrlves slightly to the front so that they can seize it the second it starts to move.
Predators can't afford to waste energy in useless pursuit or they'd be burning more fuel than they make from eating it.
If you take frozen silversides and cut the head at a 45 degree angle, front to back, you'll end up with what could be mistaken for a live small fish, a long strip with the eyes in front that's only 1/4 the size of a whole silverside and much more correct for juvenile predators.
I've actually gone so far as to "paint" eyes on the tail section with a magic marker and had it work.

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