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hello everyone I am new to this forum.I have 2 volitan lions sep tanks of course one is a juvenile 3-4 inches the other is an adult aprox 8 -10inches. after alot of reading and resarch but maily due to dr f marini I decided to offer my adult lion live food.after hrs of research I found that other than expencive chromis, black mollies were my best choice.I feed all of my fish a wide variety of foods mainly frozen prepared foods the mollies i keep in a seperate tank i am acclimating them to maintain nutritonal value of these live feeders they are also given a variety of diet such as cyclopseeze, veggie flakes and emerald entrees.also marine vitamin suppliments for all of my fish and garlic extreme with every feeding .these feeders are mainly for my panther grouper and the lion.they get the mollies once a week i will place 6 or so in the tank with in seconds they are eaten.but these are not used as main diet.their reg diet includes shrimp, squid ,scallops and krill. I don't reccomend any fresh water fish period especially goldfish. I do house 2 striped damels in the main tank they have been in the tank for 2 yrs.the lion pay no attention to them at all

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