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Originally Posted by tonyf View Post
Fantastic answers guys ... Sorry but I expect a hellava lot more in support having shelled out big bucks for the "worlds best aquarium controller". Forgive my lack of IT savvy but this is not good enough!

The Netgear equipment works A1 ... the Profilux equipment is not working!

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Tony, without getting involved in some silly spat, (where I will only be forced to bring up the ASHES or Shane Warn )

As soon as you have the basics sorted out and have your bridge communicating with your router then we can take over and help get the ProfiLux online, and I think this is what Chris is now assisting you with. Hopefully Chirs will be able to guide you from here.

Its not that they dont want to help, its just down to the vast array of connectivity options that are available, we simply (as the distributors, not the manufacturers) can not know or support all types of third party products there has to be an understanded seperation, we ask kindly for our respected users to be somewhat reasonable in what can and can not be offered in regards to support of third party products.

I also urge people to use the correct support forum, this is not the GHL support forum is where that is located. RC forum is paid for by GHL for global promotion and where all users can hang out and chew over all things ProfiLux, there is then a well documented forum for support.

I am sorry you feel our support is lacking in this, but we kindly ask for your understanding in what physically is possible with third party application support especially when so many variables are present.

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