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Help with goldflake angel

SO Ive had my beautiful GoldFlake Angel for 2 months now. QTd in 40g breeder and then into the display. Had a concern about possible velvet so dosed DT with 2.0ppn copper for 30 days. Did a 70% Water change and 2 days later the quality is good with a small trace of copper (.5ppm) and 0 ammonia and nitrites with 50 nitrates. heres the deal....the GF has been glass surfing for a long time now. First in the 40g here I thought it was happening because tank was too small (ate very well while in 40g) and now in DT (625gs) where I thought it was because of the copper. He just hasnt stopped. Now in the last week, he has eaten less and less to point where I am concerned as he only ate a couple of pellets this morning and completely ignored frozen. So we now can rule out small tank space(40g qt) water quality, copper, any ammonia, nitrites or high nitrates. Next is to consider tank mates and any bullying though He is 7 long and can hold his own. Besides an occasional light jousting with the 7 blond naso which used to be the big boy in the tank and 4 1/2 inch emperor who was introduced at same time as GF, everything seems ok in that department. He does surf also after everyone goes to sleep which makes me think that perhaps he hasnt found a comfortable spot to rest in the rock. I look around though and there is still place at the inn which would accommodate him and his size. Im at a lost as to what it might be but do know that if he keeps stressing like this, he wont last much longer especially because its now impacting his appetite. I do have a 55g at the ready if I decide to take him out and treat with some general broad based bacterial/parasite mix(ie kanaplex/neoplasm/metroplex combo) or wait a little longer as he might just still be adjusting from the high copper level for 30 days. him surfing constantly is definitely a sign that something is wrong. Is it possible that hes just having a tough time adjusting to aquarium life as he is 7 inches which is quite larger then you usually see. BTW when he was eating I was feeding him sponge as well as a variety of other frozen and pellets mixed with selcon and angel sponge elixir. Let me add that all other fish in the 625g DT are behaving normally and eating well. REALLY COULD USE SOME SUGGESTIONS...if I lose this fish, which is my absolute favorite, it will probably mean the end of my passion for the hobby.....thank you


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