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Hi Beerguy,

I am new to photography but absolutely hooked on the Macro images I see. (I am still shopping for a camera)

I ew and ah at Ricordea in photos more than in aquariums I think!

I saw in the OP how you stated "(If you shoot Olympus, you'll want to be looking at their 35mm, with their 2x crop factor it's functionally equivalent.)"

A photographer friend recommended that I consider purchasing an Oylmpus E620 to me with a 50mm Macro. I see you recommended looking into a 35mm lens.

My friend has not done aquarium work, and I can't afford to get it wrong!
With the 2x crop factor would the 50mm Olympus be most like the 100mm canon/nikon? (which seem to be very popular macros on this forum) Can you offer any insight on 35mm vs 50mm Macros for Oylmpus for me.


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