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help please.

My daughter has started a couple of 20 gallon nano's. she's had them going for almost a year now and has several good looking corals. about 2 months ago she found the dreaded flatworm. (came in as a hitch hiker I'm sure).. She's been dosing as the instructions says and has killed out the flat worm adults. They came back, but I'm thinking that was the young growing. She treated again. Each time doing so by the instructions with the carbon and water changes afterwards. Last Friday she noticed one and dosed the tank again (it had been about 2 weeks since the last dosing). Again, doing so by the book, using Salifert flat worm exit. Soon after dosing this last time all the corals started receding, even her green star polyps. Her tank perimeters are the same as they were before she noticed the flat worms.
The fish on the other hand seem to be fine, as well as the shrimp, crabs etc. Just taking a toll on the corals. She's freaking out because as everyone knows corals are expensive and she's got quite a few.
Anyone have any suggestions?

In wall 240 gallon reef with starfire front, 125 gallon sump, Ca reactor, Kalk reactor, Octoreef 200 skimmer, 2 reeflo pumps moving things around in the display tank.

Current Tank Info: Currently restarting my aquarium from scratch, after being idle for more than 6 years.
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