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Sorry so slow in responding here. Lifeís been crazy. Spent some time looking for commercial spaces in Denver with no luck. Also spent some time looking at homes with large enough shop space for my business. Unfortunately, real estate has exploded even more in the region. Iím willing to move into the middle of nowhere but the wife isnít.

So, good news is that I donít have to tear down the tank! That would be an insane waste after all Iíve put into it.

Bad news is Iím still trying to build huge cabinets in a shoebox.

Good news is that I finally invested in a CNC.

Bad news is that it only has a 2í x 4í bed for now and as small as it is, it takes up more workspace in my shoebox.

Good news is that itís an Avid CNC which is easy to scale up in size when I have space. Ordered it with long cabling and oversized steppers to handle the scaling and the workload I eventually want to use it for. Itís mostly assembled now but still need the VFD spindle and buy a dedicated laptop to drive it.

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