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Very nice writeup. I'm using Red Sea Coral Pro salt, and their recommendation (for LPS reef) are

Salinity: 33ppt
Ca: 440
Mg: 1310
Alk: 12.1

These are very much inline with your recipe posted here, except for Alk.


1] Is it better to target 8.3-9.3 Alk range, or follow the RedSea targets for Alk of 12.1?
2] This recipe seems to ignore salinity, but surely the concentration of salt mix also affects the target levels, so this recipe is based on what salinity? 1.0264 (35ppt) or other?

My 120g DT currently runs at a salinity of 1.025sg (33 PPT) and I had planned on adding a little salt to my ATO to reach 35ppt. Any view on which level of salinity would be better? I have a lightly stocked tank with LPS corals and fish.

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