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From our previous conversation in this thread:

Originally Posted by slief View Post
Originally Posted by vikz View Post
Thanks slief

I just noticed when you said my "display size"

My total nett volume is 176G (including display and sump and fuge)
Not just display volume.

Display tanks holds probably 125G Nett water after displacement (150G gross)

Does that affect things?

In this case as the double cone 180 is same size as my ATB 840,do you think im undersized currently with my ATB?

Sorry for all the questions, at this price I just want to get it right first time

That does effect things. With high end skimmers like the Bubble Kings that are properly rated, you should base the skimmer size on the display size since that is where the livestock/bio load is concentrated. As such, I change my recommendation to the Double Cone 180. The 180 will be perfect for your system.
If the above is correct and your display is 125, I would suggest lowering the pump speed down to 28 watts. Raise your sump level to around 25cm.. You might need to go deeper. The idea is to use the lower wattage to create drier foam and use the sump level to raise the foam level so that the water transitions to foam just above the white collar where the collection cups neck threads onto the skimmer body. You want to use the sump level to raise it up with the wedge pipe wide open or close to it. That way you can use the wedge pipe to fine tune it from there. You ideally don't want to close the wedge pipe more than 50% at your final setting. The lower pump speed will create better foam for removing the dissolved organics. The higher sump level will get the foam up into the neck.If you can't raise the sump level more or lower the skimmer deeper into the water, then use the wedge pipe to get the water to foam transition up into the neck. It will take several hours or more to settle in so make the adjustment and give it some time. I would suggest removing the collection cup drain plug so it can drain back into the sump if the skimmer overflows since you will be making a major change in settings.

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