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Originally Posted by vikz View Post
Thanks for the help slief

Im a little disappointed I was advised by both jeremy and royal exclusiv to go for the 200. Have I bought a very expensive paperweight?

I will try the setting you have suggested.

So to clarify the lower the wattage the smaller the bubbles (better) but less water is processed (bad) so its a case of balancing the 2. Is that right?
No.. You didn't buy an expensive paper weight. You have a very good skimmer. You will just need to tune it a bit wetter. As for less water being processed, that is counter intuitive. It's not about how much water is processed but instead about how much dissolved organics is removed as the water passes through the skimmer. As such, the faster water passes through the skimmer often results in less organics being removed. The color and smell of your skimmate is the tell tale indicator of how well the skimmer is working.

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