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Originally Posted by Confuse View Post
Thanks. My sump etiquette was pretty poor, but I am now dedicated to keeping a filter sock, so maybe that'll minimize this. I have to shamefully admit that I didn't clean the RD3 for two years since I've had it running and it ran like a champ for that entire time.

Disassembly was a breeze and I got a load of the giant impeller and titanium shaft that makes this skimmer tick. It was quite impressive to say the least. These things are built solid! Wish I would have taken a picture!
It does have a pretty massive impeller and magnet doesn't it? I'd swear, the impeller alone weighs more than a complete comparable Chinese DC pump.

That massive motor and impeller make it a much more powerful motor in terms of what will ultimately stop it as well as how much abuse it will take.

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