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Originally Posted by arkoujohn View Post
I ordered the BK 200 double cone with RD3 and I am waiting for it!!
Any suggestion how to run it and break it in, in a new tank that hasn't been cycled yet and therefore has no NO3?
And any links or suggestions on how to properly cycle a potential sps reef aquarium?
As for breaking in the new skimmer, you really don't need it during the cycle and it can be counter productive. If you decide to run it during break in, set it to around 27 watts and remove the drain plug and let the collection cup drip back into the sump until you get through the cycle and have some fish in the tank. As for cycling the tank, I'd toss a piece of raw shrimp in it and let that start your cycle. The tank will take around 30 days to complete the cycle. If you are starting with live rock, that usually helps with seeding the tank with a wide range of bacteria which can help shorten the cycle.

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