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Another often overlooked item of mainenance is the air silencer which is also referred to as the resonator in the skimmer manuals. manuals. Inside the air silencer is a foam filter. Over the course of months, the foam filter tends to collect dust. The foam serves as both a filter and a means of making your skimmer one of the quietest skimmers on the market. Below is a picture of the silencer and the foam filter inside of it.

Every several months, it is recommended that you take the silencer apart and remove the foam filter. Give it a good rinse in fresh water. Squeezing it like a sponge and allowing it to soak up water and squeezing it again to expel the water is a great means of cleaning this filter. Repeat the process as necessary until the foam filter is nice and clean. Then let it air dry. While you are at it, clean the silencer housing and inspect the red tube that goes into the silencer. Make sure the tube is clean with no obstructions. Once the foam is air dried, put it back in the silencer and reassemble it. Please refer to the induction manual for your skimmer model for instructions on removing and dissasembly of your silencer as different skimmer models have different assembly instructions. Instruction manuals for each skimmer model can be found at

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