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Originally Posted by slief View Post
The SM160 is brand new. Nobody has experience with it as it was just announced a few days ago and there is no US stock on them. The RDX is a new pump and the Mini 180ís will likely start shipping with them in the near future. We are out of stock on the Mini 180ís right now which is why they arenít showing on the US website. We hope to have more in the next 60 or so days and itís very possible the SM160 and Mini 180 DC will be back in stock with that next shipment. Unfortunately the whole COVID thing has the factory running on a skeleton crew and they arenít doing large shipments right now to the US due to customs slowdown at the ports.
Slief, thanks for your response. I'm quite lost with these new skimmers. I love the RD 3 pump, but I don't know how good the new RD X will be. Also, I can not find prices or technical specifications for the SM 160. Therefore I don't know whether I should wait for the mini BK 180 with the RD X pump or pull the trigger with the new SM 160.

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