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Originally Posted by chema View Post
Slief, thanks for your response. I'm quite lost with these new skimmers. I love the RD 3 pump, but I don't know how good the new RD X will be. Also, I can not find prices or technical specifications for the SM 160. Therefore I don't know whether I should wait for the mini BK 180 with the RD X pump or pull the trigger with the new SM 160.
The SM160 is rated for a 100-200 gallons. Its assumed youd have a reasonably heavy fish load at 100 gallons. Heavy being 1/2 of fish per display gallon. So similar rating to the Mini 180. The skimmers dimensions are: footprint 32 x 18 cm with the pump and 56cm tall. The official technical specs for the SM160 will be released in the next couple weeks. They are short handed at the factory which has delated the completion of the data sheets and addition to the websites. I like the fact that the SM160 has the pump outside the body and I expect the RDX pumps to be very efficient, very quiet and very reliable.

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