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I haven't added a fish in 4-5 years but always quarantined my fish prior to that. My last 3 fish a potters angel, moorish idol, and regal angel were kept in quarantine. The 30 gallon tank was too small for the MI and I was only able to treat with copper for a week. That was nearly 7 years ago.

I had been kind of neglecting my tank hobby for the past 18-24 months. I decided to devote time to it again and I am having a lot of fun. I went out and bought a kole tang and I began to read and learn from the forums again. There is a lot of new information. Snorvich's references/inputs are awesome. The KT is in a QT as I never add fish directly to the tank. I have been catching up on current treatments and doing TTM. The fish had velvet which I noticed early and thus I am now treating with copper. Gonna do the prazipro after copper and enter the up to date conscious competence stage.

I think quarentining goes beyond disease treatment, where we are not just looking at disease, but fattening healthy difficult fish to safely add to the DT. Fish that are not just disease fee, but also gaining weight, size, and eating more types of food. I kept many of my more difficult fish by themselves in a 30 gallon tank for 6-10 weeks just to feed them after hyposalinity treatment.


Current Tank Info: 240 gallon. 26 yr old tank raised ocellaris pair, 24 yr old yellow tang, flame hawk, 9yr old regal angel, 12yr old H. Magnifica, RIP moorish idol (one died at 4 yrs, the second at 5 yrs).
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