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Originally Posted by vanburen View Post
This looks great! I have hooks on my stand door but have been wanting to add a drip cup underneath. I think you just motivated me to finish it!

Love your setup. Reminds me of the nuclear submarine I was on a long time ago, in a good way. Very professional plumbing!

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Thanks Vanburen. Iím pretty happy with the plumbing. Surprisingly, it mostly works! I have to rework a few of the return lines because they suck too much back into the sump before the siphon breaks. I hate trusting check valves but I have a creative idea to use a check valve that will hopefully be fool proof. Iíll post pictures and details if itís a success. Iíll forget that I mentioned this publicly if my floors end up soaked.

Not much to update. Iím battling nuisance algeas in the refugium. Seems odd right? Donít I want algea to grow there? Well, Iíd like the more ornamental and attractive algeas to outcompete the ugly slimy stuff and that isnít happening. Slimy junk is suffocating the ornamental algeas.

Iíve also been back to woodwork finishing the hood facade. Hopefully that will be dry enough to install this weekend. And doors over the dry bar area. Theyíre a pain but should be beautiful when complete.

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