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...and in other news, I think the nuisance algea I am fighting is actually Dinoflagilates. (Spelling?)

Iíve been doing massive water changes all along, running GFO and Carbon in separate reactors which each hold a gallon of media. Thatís a lot of media!

So, Iím a little surprised to get this problem so early with almost 0 bioload. I know the BRS pukani is notorious for leaching phosphate. But 125 gal water changes every week prior to this even happening?

I suspect that the mangroves or algeas I ordered for the refugium brought in my ReefSTD.

Four days of total blackout wasnít enough. It came right back. So, Iím going almost entirely blackout on the display and fuge. Iím running Dino X which I found at BRS. Iím following their recommended 20 day schedule. Iím elevating the PH. I only turn the lights on long enough for the poor Anthias to come out and eat twice a day. Otherwise, Iíd tarp the whole thing and let it sit for a month.

Early January, Iíll crank the lights back up and see what happens.

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