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Originally Posted by tazdvl100 View Post
How long should the NO2 cycle last?? Going on 2 weeks now
It's hard to know exactly because it depend on your volume, substrate and how much nutrients(in your case the shrimp) added to your ssystem.i do not believe in absolute times lines in such method because, while you might start seeing no3 which indicate presence of the final stage of the nitrafying bacteria, it is possible that the nutrients that feed these bacterial population (carbon and amino) will not be enoyght to sustain the bacteria where after a short while you go through what is called mini circle where bacteria population decrease once carbon is consumed.
Eventually the biological filtration is an equilibrium of bacteria population adapted to the ammount of bacterial nutrients (carbon and amino) going in to the system.
As I said the way you are cycling, while it's not wrong, it's the longest and relatively the most blind way since you are leaving nature taking care of it and it will depen on what I described before.
- Once you start adding fish you will start importing more nutrients and your biological filtration will grow stronger and steonger.
- Once you add skimmer you start reducing bacterial population (skimmer remove 90% of the bacterial population in tank compared to natural sea water)
- once you add carbon you reduce nutrients but also include more surface for bacteria to grow
Am not saying do not add skimmer or carbon, am just explaining how the system will have to adjust to your condition and eventually reach equilibrium.

Just be patient, add fish once you see a slight no3. Turn off skimmer until you add the first fish, do not add carbon until you see no3 presense. And just be patient.

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