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Originally Posted by Lightspeed View Post
well I washed the sponge in the silencer last night and dried off then washed the silicone airline to the pump and the surging has stopped, still cant get it to produce skimmate, just oxygenating water, fingers crossed, when I start stocking and feeding I can get this to run like it did when first installed.
You definitely need fish to generate the dissolved organics that are needed to create foam and skimmate. What version of SM do you have? RD3 version or the AC pump version. While dust and other buildup in the foam filter will cause surging, the biggest reason for surging is an improperly tuned pump which on the AC pump means adjusting the nozzle better to fine tune it and the other reason is closing the wedge pipe too much in order to compensate for lower then ideal sump levels or to compensate for an improperly tuned pump.

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