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Hi mate, yes I figured I just don't have the waste build up yet but I thought I had really messed something up when the surging started.

My version is the RD3, am running at 40w at the moment and ended up removing the silencer foam, every time it overflowed the water splatter from the top vents wound up with some moisture down the silencer which was playing havoc with the settings and creating the surging, and the worst thing I did was clean it as in wipe it clean exacerbating the boiling symptoms.

I will keep it running as is, without the foam in the silencer for now until I increase my bio load, and adjust after I get my Regals and Majestics.

I figured one of the reasons the Supermarin 200 and RD3 were so impressive out of the box was the fact my display was over a week old with 70 kilos of natural live rock stocked, so by the time I fitted the skimmer there was piles of decaying organics to remove, now the water is just too clean as the cycle is over.

Me being a RE newby I am still learning how to read my skimmer but think I am getting there slowly
I filled up with some CUC today to get me on my way, sand stars x2, and 10 x trochus and 10 x Nassarius and added a few more LPS.

I have lifted the sump water level to 24cm from 18cm and have been reading other users with the same size skimmers are only running at 34-36w. So have been apprehensive about running higher, but I just might need to for now until my bio load is up, and not 100% sure but should not be using other users as a guideline as my system is totally different in its maturity, but if you recommend I try a higher wattage I will and just turn the flow on the wedge down.

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