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OK, let's wait and see.

For now, this ecosystem-in-a-box is cruising along. It's a bit bushy, with all the feather caulerpa.

Looking forward, I find myself considering adding an herbivorous fish to crop the macros back. I've done this before, in the previous version of this tank (v1). I got a juvenile, yellow phase Atlantic Blue Tang, named Mr. Zippy. He gradually grazed the macros down to almost nothing, before I removed him. I thought I might have gotten more time if I had let the tank get overgrown first. So, if I try this again I will attempt to do that.

Of key importance is will I like the look of the tank with the macros mostly gone? With new real estate available for colonization, I can focus on other cool encrusting life forms, like sea squirts and sponges. Overall, it'll look pretty different! Probably kinda stark at first. I did want the seagrass to dominate the tank visually. This would accomplish that.

Considering possible future sponges steers me away from pygmy angelfish, and towards a tang, perhaps.

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