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Originally Posted by Chowder3 View Post
I知 a newbie but have a Waterbox 20. I based my purchase on looks and reviews. Both are great for this tank. I have no regrets. There are both internal and external mods available. While I already know my next setup will be a larger tank, I am in no rush to stop this one. I値l be content for a few years. [emoji1365]
Nice, the 20 cube seems to be sold out everywhere. I知 hoping in mid June they supply some to their retailers as all of their have sold out through their site. Glad you like it. I値l wait til mid June and if nobody gets the 20 I値l probably go for the 10 gal. Not sure if I should still get the AI HD lighting or go for something cheaper.

Nuevo tanks look nice as well... not sure they are worth the extra money though compared to waterbox.

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