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Refugium Light

I went with the DIY option for refugium light base off meleve's reef recommendations. It is just a simple clamp on utility light with and LED 60 watt, 800 lumen daylight bulb to reduce heat. I suspended it from a pvc pipe to get the placement right, about 4 inches above the refugium. I also installed a hook to pull the light out of the way when i do maint. and use a fair share of zip ties to keep everything in place. 4 inch screws hold the pvc in place. it would take someone hanging from it to rip it down. I have a timer on the light as well that i plan so set opposite from the tank lighting schedule to balance out parameters at night.

75 gal RR Mixed Reef with 20 gal sump 4 in Deep Sand Bed w 100+lbs live rock, T5/LED Hybrid lights, Reef Octo 150int

Current Tank Info: 32 Gallon LED Biocube Softie.
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