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GHA is at large. I have been checking my parameters almost daily after adding my fish. The ammonia, API test kit, seems to fall between 0 and 0.25 but more on the 0 end. No nitrates, phosphates are <0.25, again API, I plan to upgrade to Hanna at some point. My dkh is 9, calcium is a bit low for some reason at 350. My fresh saltwater mis is a 410 so something must be soaking it up. The foxface is making good work of the GHA. it has cleared several large areas of rock. Im sure the GHA is what is keeping my nitrates at 0. I dont want to eliminate it all together yet, im sure it will back down slowly now that all of my cyano is out of the picture. Salinity has been around 1.023 to 1.026 range. The only issue i have had so far have been with the Neptune ATK. It seems like nearly once a day it throws an alarm code for some reason. First it was the siphon over filled, then it was the float valve caused under fill, after multiple runs finally i established a working level and still it seems to randomly throw and alarm. Dirty sensor, alarm, changed water, alarm,. I even left everything alone for a couple of days with no changes and out of the blue an alarm with no idea what happened wrong.... My euphyllia seems to have made the transition very well and is more open than ever, how ever, my leather corals seem to be pouting. Not drooping, firm but one day open one day closed. I have ordered some clean up crew to start helping out with the algae. Looks like i am going to need to start dosing some CA as well to bring the levels up. The new smaller clown had paired up with my older one and they are running side by side, in fact all four fish seem to school together almost within an 8 in sq

75 gal RR Mixed Reef with 20 gal sump 4 in Deep Sand Bed w 100+lbs live rock, T5/LED Hybrid lights, Reef Octo 150int

Current Tank Info: 32 Gallon LED Biocube Softie.
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