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Ryan I'd like to know if it holds its color too. If you actually find someone who has one please make sure to update the thread with whatever they can tell you about it.

None of the sites posted above by Pure Magic have the coral, the one that does have a "Japanese toadstool" isn't the same coral, and to me looks like a Tyree look-alike (I have one of them). I do know of a site that sells the coral you're looking for, not sure if I can post it here. No affiliation other than I bought corals from them a few years ago when they first acquired the piece. It was too expensive for me then and still is now for such a slow growing coral.

As you can see from the responses here it's pretty much what I said in my first response... most people think you're talking about the Tyree sarco or one of it's look-alikes. In the world of softies not many people think to look for unique or unusual corals but there are a few out there and this is one of them. Awhile back I started a thread in this forum called something like that... "unique or unusual soft corals" I think there may have been someone on that thread who has one of these... maybe I can find the thread.


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