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All evidence points to hitchhiker mantis shrimp in my tank!

I have discarded turbo snail shells, a couple of crab legs strewn about, and other shell pieces all over but no sign of the mantis shrimp and it's lair. I hear the snapping sound and try sneaking up to perhaps see it but no luck. I have 2 clowns, a six line wrasse, and an algea blenny. Other fish have disappeared without a trace of their bodies. I've set traps and caught crabs but no mantis shrimp. I am not going to put anymore fish or turbo snails in the tank until I catch him. My tank is 95 gallon octogon, tall. I'm not sure what kind of mantis it is because I've yet to see it. I've had my tank 2 years almost. I'm going crazy. Is it possible to starve it out? It must have hitchhiked on but it is most definitely not the typical nice/mellow hitchhiker. What kind do you think it is?

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