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I also have a mantis. I've heard him and have lost many snails and blue legs. Have seen parts of them here and there. I bought a nice big cheap magnifying glass. When you are feeding preferably something meaty get that magnifying glass out and watch for him coming out to feed. I did this and found him.They are very cautious even when feeding so it takes a keen eye. Mine likes the bottom and burrowed under a rock. Upon closer review I saw there are two of them there, great! Also I have a nice pocket flashlight and using that with the magnifying glass after lights out is a great way to search the rock to find your mantis. I've tried a trap that I bought online that has a door that releases twice with no luck with a nice meaty shrimp in it . These bastards are smart. Good luck locating him. I have alot of rock and fear I may have more than two. My CUC is pretty much decimated. I do have some nice emerald crabs and they have not been eaten YET...

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