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Americans point fingers at the Africans and S. Americans and proclaim "save the rainforest", while our current administration just opened up logging of our National forests and our only pristine rainforest (Wash. State and Oregon) are still being utilized for lumber as the "people there know no other way of life".

And here you are pointing fingers that its our governments fault for logging in our national forests... You built your house out of wood that came from someone's local forest... and you use paper everyday??? How come you have a right to use timber products and others don't??? Pretty much the same as yelling at the Latin Americans cutting down a rainforest for subsitance farming... Its not our governments fault... Its the consumers fault... Stop buying wood and paper... and the logging industry will come to a hault... Its not our governments job to reducate loggers, into another buisiness that probably isn't as profitable... What will that solve??? Only that new loggers will take their place, as long as there is a demand for timber products...

Supply and demand is the only driving force in this industry as well as the world... Untill we builld houses out of 100% synthetic materials, and stop using paper products... Trees will always get cut down... Fortunately, with the exception of old growth, they grow back...

Lets accept the fact that we are going to use this planet and degrade it... The more people, the more this planet will suffer... We can only make informed decisions, and with the help of new technologies, slow the overall degredation of the global ecosystem...

Stop blaming the government for our own conscious decisions, the consumer is the one who ultimately destroys this environment, Not George Bush

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