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Ouchie......someone touched a nerve, eh?

Sadly, I have to pretty well agree with almost everything you said, even though you appear to have missed my point about the forests, but perhaps that was just my poor way of attempting to make a point, that being that in actuality it's easier to forgive 3rd world countries for subsistence survival than the one with the highest standard of living in the world that HAS developed a renewable timber industry (among many others) and yet insists on condemning those who, literally, know no better.

Since you seem vehement on making your argument personal, my home is cinder in Florida, we have a primitive organism that has no respect for wood, no matter where it originated .

While "trees" can be regrown, the other biodiversity within pristine forests, like those in coral reefs often cannot, at least not in the span of human history, let alone a generation.


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