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Stocking List

Hey guys, kinda new to the hobby so I was looking for some good opinions on my stocking list. Well the fish are already stocked so just really looking for suggestions on what I should do. I love all my fish but something tells me I have too many for my tank. I have a 60 gallon tank with an aqueon sump, filter socks, refugium, and eshopps psk 75 protein skimmer, also running carbon. But I think I have too many fish. The following is my stocking list:

1-blue hippo
1-yellow tang
1- exquisite wrasse
3-anthias(2female 1 male)
1-royal gramma
1-sandsifting goby

I love all my fish and would hate to remove some but if it's for the overall good. I'm willing to make some arrangements.

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