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OK --Mailed everyone's package today except Solitude - requested delayed delivery,
& Moondoggy - we are meeting up in Vegas.
Length of tubing comes to $6.02 add $1.09 for shipping on the order
$7.11 x 10 = $71.10 Exact Cost of the roll.
Then shipping to you. Had to use 2 different boxes - PO did not have enough.
I will PM everyone with total including shipping.
Prices of box is on the ends & postage is on the box so you have all the #'s
There is a copy of the Data Sheet inside every bag, it was just made so we know it's fresh stuff.
I have tracking if you want it but it went 1st Class Mail & should be there before end of next week absolute latest, none are listed over 3 days.
As far as PayPal-- wait for package & then pay as friends & family - you will pay the fees. Easier than trying to figure it out & you have merchandise.
Thanks to all for your participation & understanding.

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