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XR30's bleaching SPS

Just looking for thoughts and any advice. I used to have a 160 litre SPS reef set up with one XR30 gen 3 running at 65% AB+ schedule which the corals did really well and grew perfectly.

Earlier this year, I upgraded to a DD Reef 900 and purchased two secondhand XR30 gen 3 pro's and the over tank mounting bracket. The problem is, since swapping i have constantly lost corals due to bleaching. The lights are running the same schedule, eleven hours per day and now reduced from 65%, to 40% and finally 25% and yet still bleaching corals badly and now at the point of giving up.

I have lost several healthy red, blue and green monitors colonies, a large birds nest and now three large stylophora, all of which transferred from the old reef. I'm running the Triton method with ALR1, DD H2O dosing pump and UV.

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm at my wits end with it.

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